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The Contest

The MVDSA hosts an annual event that celebrates individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community that supports them. For several years, “Buddy Walk®” has been the name of this event. “Buddy Walk®” is a registered trademark of the NDSS. Each year, the Down syndrome organizations that use the Buddy Walk® name, brand, and graphics, pay a percentage of their fundraising total for the right to use the Buddy Walk® theme.

Those of you who have attended understand that our event is a celebration which concludes with a short “walk” around the warning track of 5/3 Field (which is now Day Air Ballpark). We have received a number of comments from potential supporters who were expecting a 3K or 5K – or some other form of a traditional walk.

To be able to maintain local use of our funds, and better represent our event, the MVDSA Board of Directors has initiated this Naming Contest. This is your chance to submit your event name for consideration. Be creative and original. Please note that trademarked names will not be qualified entries. Full contest rules can be found at the link below. Happy Naming!!!

First Name
Last Name

You can download the full contest rules here.