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MVDSA offers comprehensive programs and support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families, and many more resources and connections to community services.

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Family Grant
  • Spring Grant starts on Feb. 20th and ends on Mar. 31st.  Funds are awarded by Apr. 30th
  • Fall Grant starts on Oct. 1st and ends on Nov. 15th. Funds are awarded by Dec. 15th

The MVDSA Family Grant Program awards grants to MVDSA families to support needed therapies,  physical activities, and other developmental products. Families may apply for a grant in either the spring or fall. If awarded, the grant is paid directly to qualifying service providers and vendors. Full details and instructions on how to apply can be found below.

Grantees are required to complete application and attached required supporting documentation no later than the last day of the grant cycle. Applications must be submitted through the website form to be considered for grant approval. For access to the application, please click the link below.

Contact Office@mvdsa.org for questions.

Details and application here
Community Events

Please join our annual community events which raise awareness and funds for Down syndrome, promoting inclusivity and support. Through events like Rally in the Valley, Golf Tournaments, and the Annual Picnic, these events educate, celebrate, and foster connections. These gatherings unite people, champion diversity, and empower individuals with Down syndrome.

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Partner Programs

Community partners and programs we recommend
Buddy Up

Serves individuals with Down syndrome by providing a fun, active, and supportive environment for our Athletes to grow both physically and personally by engaging in activities that impact athletic, social, and emotional development. Learn More

The Improvoneers

Using improvisation to build skills that will greatly improve social, workplace and lifetime opportunities in those with developmental disabilities. Learn More